Affect = (verb) – The fever affected his health

Effect = (noun) – He conducted a study looking at the effects of stress


Assure = to promise or say with confidence. It is more about saying than doing.
= to do or have what is necessary for success.
= to cover with an insurance policy.


Coarse = (adj), Rough texture, rude or vulgar.

Course = (noun) path, a dish in a meal, study material, treatments, brick layer, (verb), liquid flow, A horse is a horse, of course of course…                                                                  X


Collocation = words often used together “hard frost”, “bosom buddy”, “dead serious”.

Co-location = items or people sharing the same location

Colocation = alternate spelling for Co-location


it’s = contraction for IT IS

its = shows ownership—it is a pronoun like HIS, HERS, and THEIRS


Lead = Soft heavy metal, noun (rhymes with bed)

Lead = show the way, verb (present tense, rhymes with bead)

Led = show the way (past tense of lead, rymes with bed)


Loose = not tight.  (The nut is coming loose.)

Lose = fail to keep. (Don’t lose your head)


One’s = Possessive pronoun, (one’s own bootstraps)

One’s = contraction of ONE IS (This one’s for you)

Ones = plural for one (I have three ones in my wallet OR he died while surrounded by love ones)


Personal = a particular person or a person’s private life

Personnel = A group of people, soldiers or employees.


Separate (adj), “this raises two separate issues”   and    They paid separate checks.

Separate (verb), Dad had to separate the boys.


Their = the possessive case of they (their rights as citizens)

There = in or at that place (opposed to here)

They’re = contraction of THEY ARE


Ware = merchandise (silverware, software)

Wear = to be dressed in (wear a coat)

Where = refers to a place


Weather = condition of the atmosphere

Whether = used to introduce a question

Wether = (don’t use this one) a castrated ram or billy goat


Which = the question

Witch = an ex-girlfriend or Halloween creature

Wich = use this spelling when you want to appear incredibly ignorant


Whose = ownership

who's = contraction for WHO IS or WHO HAS