aaah = Pleasure, relief, or relaxation


argh = Pirate sound or Hagar the Horrible


aww = aww, how cute


bah = bah humbug


blah = blah blah blah


bwah-ha-ha = evil laugh


criminy = surprise


doh = Homer Simson


duh = disdain over the obvious


eh = eh, who cares


errr = sound a pilot makes when thinking, what to say next (this is your pilot speaking, err…  )


eww = sound little girls make when disgusted


giddy-up = go horse, opposite of whoa


hmm = reflection


hooyah = Navy battle cry


huh = expression of not understanding


ick = yuck, gross


meh = dismissal or indifference


mwah-ha-ha = evil laugh


nah = informal no, opposite of yeah


nuh -uh = no


oorah = Marine battle cry


ow = ouch


psst = used to attract attention


shhh = be quiet


ta-da = imitation of fanfare


ugh = mild disgust


ughhhhhhhh! = major disgust


uh-oh = realization, here comes trouble


uh, uh, uh = no you don’t, stop doing that


whoa = see giddy-up


yay = yay, we won!


yea = yes


yeah = informal yes, opposite of nah


yeehaw = see yippee ki-yay


yippee ki-yay = cowboy talk for yeehaw